FAR 2200 N har allerede vakt tværfaglig interesse

Juni 2012

Den nye rapport fra Sundhedsplejen på Nørrebro viser, at fædre med anden etnisk baggrund en dansk gerne vil deltage i deres børns liv, men de mangler konkrete tilbud og ser gerne, at sundhedsplejerskerne stiller krav til dem ...

Download rapporten her

Er du interesseret i mere information, så kontakt Nærheden, Susanne Uggerly på mail: C192@buf.kk.dk

Rapporten, som er skrevet af Sammy Davidsen, blev offentliggjort den 6. juni ved en reception i Borgerhuset i Vermundsgade.

Her kunne man også få en snak med sundhedsplejeskerne og Fars Legestue, som efter sommerferien flytter fra Osramhuset til netop Borgerhuset i Vermundsgade.

Bl.a. gæstede Jonas Bjørn, medlem af Borgerrepræsentationen i København - og far på Nørrebro, receptionen, og sagde et par ord.

Rapperen Sean Gress havde til lejligheden skrevet og fremførte en rap over emnet far & søn. Du kan se teksten nedenunder:

Circles (Sean Gress rap)

I’ve seen the stars and the sky fall down once/
I was a kid fond off what it is/
To be a kid with nothing really to worry about/
Like the things that keep disturbing me now/

I gotta go get locked with no record out yet/
I want my flow to rock for the people I see who don’t know me/
I mean not just my homies/ 
But everyone out there who can get with this closely/

Recognition I’m aiming to get with/
A city kid in search of tranquility listen/ 
Quality such as the love from my lady/
So fuck if you broke there’s no need to pay me/

A handshake’s enough if you mean what you clutch
A man who can stand understand on the stand/
By his words like two friends till they die/
To me is all that is worth with a smile/

Yes this is side to side like my feet/
When they grind against path I take/
Or the beat back and forth when I have the faith/
To accomplish the peace with the craft I page down/

By each word coming out like I masturbate/
Yep I cash the check and squeeze/
The juice out the fruit too much good to go bad/
It aint good to go bad we good to go better

Like summer from winter the sun in the center/
Two kids who was down fell apart reunited/
Their friendship to start over my heart sober/
To feel what it feels and pump what it pumps/

Clear through the system feel when it comes/
Expanding my perception of position indeed/
Right from the middle of this stepping I seek/
Something that keeps me in submission to peace/

Fuck a Hip-Hop track I listen/
To Buckley and drake Jimi and Miles/
And Waits for a smile to put on my face/
Cause music is the muse of something inside/

I use it to prove I got nothing to hide/
Besides all that shit I don’t want you to know/
Cause music’s more than what you pump in your ride/
Like I use to get high it’s just once in a while now/

I’m Hip-Hop to the bone marrow/
But trying to expand instead of growing narrow/
Clowning around aint my thing/
I stay up like a satellite and claim my space my whole castle/

Is the whole world I throw at you/
In pictures on sounds you’ll understand when the/
Ground brakes down yes a minor introduction to the mind/
Of a Sean out there one amongst many with that name/

Who stands out in a flat game/
Cause I’ve seen the stars and the sky fall down once/
But I put it back in its frame so you can relate/
To the sum of it all when summer falls Spring/Winter


Family Portrait (Sean Gress rap)

He keeps a lock on his door to help him/
Keep the demon away from the world/
That he’s been trying to preserve something he can’t face/
It might reflect he can’t have shame invading his space/

But the demon is inside of his heart/
Hiding in the dark he’ll know when he opens up to find all his scars/
He got love that he cherishes but it aint a lot/
And there aint nobody for him to share it with/

A depressed man falling fell in love twice/
Discovered feelings he never had in his life/
Frustrated not knowing how to handle them right/
Now he sits in his garage with his boys on his mind/

Alone surrounded by the smoke from his cigars/
Conservative articles and thoughts of a/
Gone lost love in the horizon/
But he keeps a lock his door/
So he probably aint never gonna find it/

This young man is confused as well/
Cause he doesn’t know if he’s the demon himself/
His parents split up age 4 first time/
He saw love slip up by know he’s faced more/

Raised by mom who was sick/
He’s seen his dad 23 times since/
Back and forth with two different passports/
One isn’t him and the other carries all his sins/

He’s too high to fall you can tell by his eyes/
He’s too gone to make that one important phone call/
A quarter aint enough it takes will to prove his love/
And someone to prove it back but no one is there so/

Why should he care he figured to himself-ish one day/
While walking around in his own closed universe/
But it wasn’t long after before/
His memories turned to bitterness and bitterness to anger/